Galway Democratic Republic strikes again!


Some time ago I posted on a mysterious plaque that had appeared down at the Spanish Arch in Galway. An eagle-eyed reader found this second plaque and sent it to me:

I found a posting on your website regading the Galway Democratic Republic. Well, there has been a new sign posted in Galway. See attached. I first found it walking my dogs about two weeks ago (April 4th). Its posted on the wall along the Claddagh pier, at the far end almost, at the end, and is posted quite low, about a foot off the ground.

Curiouser and curiouser!

That’s not all, the GDR has been busy elsewhere too.

(The Latin inscription “Sic faciunt omnes” seems to mean “everyone is doing it”).

1 thought on “Galway Democratic Republic strikes again!”

  1. A curious bit of mischief indeed. It’s a pity their spelling seems to be deteriorating — maybe it’s a causalty [sic] of the underground lifestyle.

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