Those new multi-coloured Daleks on Doctor Who…


4 thoughts on “Those new multi-coloured Daleks on Doctor Who…”

  1. 5735.9 Rassilon Era (360)
    @ 21:00 Universal Time Coordinated.
    Greetings Fellow Gallifreyans!!
    Not many people are fond of Peter Cushing’s Daleks.
    Remember it was Peter Cushing’s movies
    that first had The Daleks in colour!!
    The Doctor Who TV Series was still in BW!!
    And would not be in colour until Jon Pertwee!!
    I wonder if they will have Daleks in
    Torchwood: New World??
    BTW-We are currently petitioning The Torchwood Team
    to have Torchwood: New World
    based in Vancouver, Columbia, Canada
    and to keep Midshipman Alonso Frame!!
    Thank you. The Professor Dalen Rune.

  2. I find the reaction to the Daleks really funny actually. Imagine if Doctor Who didn’t exist and a modern sci-fi show introduced the “classic” Daleks as baddies. They’d be laughed off the screen. The new look ones are really retro-looking, and close to previous incarnations, which I think is a lovely nod to Who’s past.

  3. Stupidest thing EVER!! The EVILEST, most CRUEL and most FEARED race in the universe can’t be RAINBOW COLOURED!!!!! What doesn’t belong in this set of words: fear, death, extermination, destroy, bright yellow. You guessed it, bright yellow! Or bright orange/blue/white/whatever else. Goddamn writers are killing the show with all the changes! The show became popular for a REASON! Because people liked it THE WAY IT WAS!

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