Nerja Beach Wedding Caricature!

Nerja Beach Wedding Caricature: this lovely couple commissioned one of my canvas wedding signing boards to take with them to their wedding in Spain. It features them and their kids on the beach with signposts for Ireland and Nerja! It’s nice to think of my wedding signing boards going so far afield and coming back with so many memories and warm wishes from the guests preserved on them.

If you’d like to find out more about my canvas wedding signing boards please click here to get in touch.

nerja beach wedding
Nerja Beach Wedding Caricature

Working from photos and descriptions of what you’d like included I create a unique bespoke caricature wedding signing board tailored specially for you. I deliver all over the island of Ireland and can create a piece in 2 weeks (quicker turnaround times may be possible but please contact me if you have an urgent request). I’ve been creating caricature gifts for over 20 years and create dozens of unique pieces of art every year. to order or simply to request more information just drop me, Irish Caricature Artist Allan Cavanagh, a line today! You can see many more of my wedding signing boards by clicking here. I have a wide selection of recent gift caricature examples if you click here. And of course I also come to weddings and events and draw caricatures of the guests on the spot in around 3 minutes (I’ll even travel to Spain if you want me!) and you can see many of my recent weddings here. These archives go back around 10 years, right to the early days of this website! Thanks for stopping by and remember if you’ve any questions about any of my products or services I’ll be glad to answer them. You can contact me in various ways including Whatsapp, Messenger and text message using the menu above.

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