Reality by Armando Iannucci: Rishi Sunak Speeching in the Rain Cartoon Caricature #rishisunak

I have never in all my days seen a spectacle like Rishi Sunak’s election announcement yesterday, and I’m old enough to have seen Neil Kinnock and his wife falling in the sea. It was nothing short of a work of art. The awkward meaningless platitudes, the insincere tone, the slipping smile, the slight feedback on the mics, all preludes to the public drowning of a man who refuses to break awkward eye contact with the nation as his lungs fill and as his shoulders drip and slump with the weight of the rain’s pounding metaphor. And then the blairing beat (see what I did there) of D:Rream’s Things Can Only Get Better, the anthem of Labour’s 1997 landslide election victory (courtesy of Brexit Man Steve Bray), drowning out the last whispers of insincerity as Sunak appears to just open and close his mouth like someone attempting to sing along with a song they don’t exactly remember the lyrics to. The image of the suit getting wetter and wetter until the shine made it look like the ravens of London Bridge had stopped for a toilet break on the Prime Minister’s upper torso, will stay with me forever. How long does it take to put up a gazebo? Are there no UMBRELLAS in Downing Street?


I watched it twice.

The whole thing is 3 1/2 minutes and is embedded below.

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How to Draw Rishi Sunak in the Rain

Rishi Sunak Election Announcement Rain Wet Suit 10 Downing Street

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