Road Rage Cartoon

It seems that some of you didn’t take too kindly to a being called ‘a bunch of nutters’ in this colyoom a couple of weeks ago
This is the first cartoon in the new format for the Tribune. Last week the inhouse printworks closed down and the printing has moved to Cork, hence the new format which is in line with other tabloid sized publications.
I really wish I’d gone in for a look while it was still going, but it just never occurred to me. I’ve only been in the Tribune offices a handful of times as I work from home and email my cartoons in. Too late now unfortunately.

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  1. You really missed out there mate. Mike gave me the tour ages back, when I started, and also ran me around the newer more modern equipment when the Tribune was revamped a few years back – in fact when ye and I started working together: it was very evocative of black-and-white movie rolling headline stuff, with presses flying, huge circular gantrys dropping supplements into the newspapers as they moved along motorised lines hanging from pegs… thundering roars and a stink of chemicals that made you thrill. Also, a great bunch of local workers who spent their lives at those presses and rollers.

    Destroyed in the name of progress, and obviously, for the real estate value of a city centre plant like that.

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