Scenes from the Galway Christmas Market!

Here’s a couple of scenes I did for the Galway Christmas Market in Eyre Square. These were printed up on scrim and hung on the fencing around the market. It was lovely to see how kids reacted to the shopfronts I did last year, tracing the windows with their fingers and spotting the elves in them!

2 thoughts on “Scenes from the Galway Christmas Market!”

  1. Hi Blandina, thanks! Animation is a much more involved process, these drawings would basically be backgrounds or single frames (images) in an animation. I think there’s 16 frames per second in animation. If someone wanted me to work on a cartoon set in Eyre Square I’d have no problem with that!

  2. Looks great. Is it the same as making cartoon stories for tv? Would love to see it animated on tv 🙂 or have you done similar work already

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