Shark cartoon from the new Double Vision column which you can read here! Check it out!

12 thoughts on “Shark!”

  1. I feel sorry for hunted sharks.They deserve more credit.They keep are ocean from being sick.I dont beleive in keeling them unless they atack you but that is not likely unless they think your a fish or your next to a school of fish or if your surfing when you lay on your board they think your a seal.I love sharks to me they are incredable creatures there fascinating cool looking water animals.There not fish but there not mamals there S-H-A-R-K-S!!!!!!

  2. well this is the funniest cartoon that i have read this week. i give them a thumbs up for there very good effort.

  3. yeah i know! everyone is so scared of them, but tlets face it.. theres more chance of you waking up to find that youve drowned in your own syliva than there is getting ‘eaten’ by a shark!


  4. i love this! it is correct! people should stop killing sharks it’s pissing me off. sharks are like family to me, and killing my family member isn’t right!!

  5. Well sharks tend not to sit at desks and give lectures on death tolls to each other either Amanda. Just your average common or garden anthropomorphism, which makes for a better gag.

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