Go Go Gadget Legs! Player of the Year Awards Gift Caricature!

Chris Monk Seaford Rock United Player of the Year 2020

Congratulations to Chris Monk of Seaford Rock United who was recently named Majors Player of the Year 2019/2020. This caricature was presented to him in acknowledgement of his achievements with the team. Apparently he can get his legs anywhere the ball is (and judging from the reference photos that includes over his shoulders!) hence the … Read more

70th Birthday Gift for Dad: Caricature Portrait of the Whole Family!


70th birthday caricature featuring the whole family! This was a caricature gift for a seventieth birthday featuring his wife, kids, their partners, and grandkids! I love getting to draw a caricature gift like this, not only capturing the subject’s likes and interests but also getting 3 generations of the one family in there! Also pictured … Read more

Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him!

irish wedding anniversary gifts caricatures ireland

Irish Wedding Anniversary Gifts: I loved drawing this wedding anniversary gift caricature as I could tell from the photos they’re a really fun couple and I had a feeling this caricature art would go down really well with its subject! It’s based on one of their wedding photos and I’ve included some other elements from … Read more


john delaney fai vampire cartoon

John Delaney cartoon caricature from Charlie’s latest Double Vision column (printed in the Connacht Tribune and appearing online every week illustrated by me!)

It’d be crass and unprofessional of me to complain how for years I’d felt like having a shower each time I watched Delaney being interviewed on TV. The man always looked pure slimy, but that’s personal, unnecessary and hey, I don’t care.

I don’t know much about football but I know that if you throw a stick at Irish public life you’re going to hit some dodgy dealings. from the charity sector to sports, we never seem to learn anything about governance and good practice until someone is caught in the sweetie jar, and then they are just quietly moved on (usually), the story blows over and everything goes back to “normal” until the whole cycle repeats itself. It’s a hell of a way to run things. We seem to kowtow to strong personalities who then get to run things as a personal fiefdom, usually at the expense of people for whom funding was intended. It’s a sickness in Irish life that I don’t know will ever be addressed, because if everyone’s looking at this scandal this week, it takes the heat off that scandal over there for now. Ireland is run like a used car business in the 70s. Keep the polish high, it doesn’t matter that the engine is a trip around the corner from seizing completely, just take the money and get them to drive away.

The repercussions for John Delaney initially were to be moved sideways. Someone in a similar position looking on is just going to shrug their shoulders and carry on because what’s the disincentive? A finger wagging from a Dáil committee where you can just refuse to answer questions? There’s something wrong in the roots, there’s something wrong in the branches. We’ll just sit in our nests and pretend the tree won’t someday collapse.

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john delaney fai vampire cartoon

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – What Do We Ever Truly Wholly Own?

Grim Reaper Cartoon: Death enjoying a nice biscuit and a cuppa from a chipped Chelsea FC mug from Double Vision by Charlie Adley! “There are three cracks running from top to bottom on the inside of my Chelsea mug. Against the white they look like long thick dark strands of hair. The base still appears … Read more