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Hope everyone’s staying safe and well. It’s going to be a tough couple of weeks/months but the sooner we lick this the sooner we’ll all be back to normal. You might see a bit of a health promotion theme round these parts for the next while. If you’re at home how are you filling the days? I’d be delighted to hear from you.
Any Covid19 health promotion cartoons I produce are free to use if you think they’re helpful. Put them in newsletters, print them off, stick them up in the office, whatever you like.
staying indoors coronavirus covid19 710px 1

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – What Comes After Mental and Physical Health?

panic attack cartoon

Panic attack cartoon from Charlie’s column. As someone who used to regularly suffer from panic attacks (and still has the odd one) I really identified with this one. “Two days ago, mentally and emotionally ready and eager to go to London, I zipped up my suitcase. Two hours later my entire body started to shake, … Read more

The Impact of Children’s Exposure to Cartoons Promoting Healthy Eating

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Interesting experiment published last year assessing the impact of cartoons on promoting healthy eating in kids:
“Children were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 groups: a comparison group was exposed to cartoons with no reference to food and an intervention group was exposed to cartoons with healthy eating messages. After viewing, each child was given the opportunity to eat for 10 minutes from a small selection of snack foods.

Children in the experimental group chose significantly more healthy food items than did those in the comparison group.”

I didn’t have access to the whole paper, just this abstract, but the conclusions are pretty clear. If you’re working in health promotion with kids, especially in promoting a healthy diet, get in touch with a cartoonist to help design your health promotion campaign! Science says so!
I have created many health promotion cartoons in Ireland over the years with the HSE and private organisations. I had a monthly cartoon strip in a newspaper published by the HSE with a positive health message. Issues covered included exercise for older people, breastfeeding, screentime for children, and healthy eating. Get in touch if you’ve a health promotion brief that requires an eye-catching visual element, or if you’d like to come up with original characters to impact the healthy eating choices of children. There are many ways this can be used to promote the healthy eating message, from comics and posters, to colouring pages featuring the characters and message. Wherever you are in the world I’ll be able to help you with your healthy eating or other campaign. Just get in touch, and once we have established a brief you will end up with a successful cartoon-based health promotion campaign!
Contact cartoonist Allan Cavanagh here.

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