Rottweiler Caricature: And the Rottweiler Too!

Bride and groom cartoon with pet dog by Allan Cavanagh
This caricature from a recent wedding includes the couple’s pet Rottweiler. I don’t think she was a guest though!

Miller, Munster, and Thomond Park!

One of my canvas signing boards in situ in the Limerick Strand Hotel at the weekend. Below you can see the guests signing it as they enter for dinner, and the featured artwork of the couple.

Audiology and DIY!

Here’s a recent commission that went to the UK. The caricature was printed on canvas (available to order here). It was a present from the groom’s mother, who was very happy with it: Hi Allan Absolutely love it! Thank you so much!! Get in touch if you’re interested in a wedding signing board or other … Read more Audiology and DIY!