Smoking Cartoon – From the Archives

smoking cartoon by Allan Cavanagh
This smoking cartoon appeared in the Connacht Tribune in 2004 in an article by Charlie Adley.

The internet was still a frontier town as far as images were concerned in 2004. Loads of my cartoons ended up being the number 1 result in search results back then. This was the top image for “smoking cartoon” back then. It was all very different. A small site could generate a huge amount of traffic from a little content. Now the bushfire of social media prevents anyone but the dedicated searcher from reaching you. I don’t mean to sound like an old man but I’m an old man in internet years. They’re like dog years but way waaay longer. People used to browse websites just for fun and recreation. True story. You’d get your news via blogs. In the internet of 2004, you’d get points for just turning up!