Happy Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday 2024!

Single panel cartoon featuring an elderly man and woman outside a church. Each of them has a heart shape in thick black line on their foreheads. The man is pulling back his hat to reveal his, and he is speaking. His caption says "I think Valentines and Ash Wednesday falling on the same day confused Father Michael."

An early Friday Cartoon this week (or a bonus one if I get another one done on Thursday!) Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate! Related Posts: Friday Cartoon: Titanic Friday Cartoon: Doo-Doo Doo-Doo Doo-Doo Friday Cartoon: Supervalu Páirc Friday Cartoon: Dune Friday Cartoon – Deconstructing Core Memories Friday Cartoon: Alfred Hitchcock Presents… See the … Read more

New Double Vision Up…

valentines day cartoon
“I love my woman. She loves me. She knows it and I know it and lots of other people know it too.
Sometimes quite out of the blue I become burdened in the chest region, and I have to tell her I love her. Sometimes it’s when leaving or returning from overseas; after joyous acts of kindness; intimate moments… there is no definitive list.
“The point is that there are certain moments when saying ‘I love you’ is perfect, and there are an infinite amount of other times when it is pointless.”