Tony Hart RIP


It’s been a week of iconic gentlemen passing away. Tony Hart has died aged 83. Patrick McGoohan and Ricardo Montalbán, The Prisoner and Khan respectively, also left us earlier this week.

I can identify Tony Hart as the single biggest influence on my becoming an artist. Family members were simply not allowed to talk when Hart Beat was on, and I would studiously take in every carefully explained technique. I never met him, but a former colleague did and she said he would paint a canvas without a spot appearing on his immaculate clothes. Morph was also instrumental in my fascination with stop motion animation.

Rest in peace Tony and thank you.

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  1. It seems to be a real pity that Tony Hart wasn’t shown on RTE – I never watched Morph or anything as a child, so I’m only seeing it on the ‘best 100 children’s TV shows’ shows that are on occasionally. It’s quite a thing to be able to say “this person influenced my art”. RIP indeed.

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