Wedding Invitation Artwork Ideas: Caricature Yourself for Wedding Invites!

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Wedding Invitation Artwork Ideas: Caricature Yourself for Wedding Invites!
Wedding Invitation Artwork Ideas: Caricature Yourself for Wedding Invites!

Wedding Invitation Artwork Ideas: this post is about my wedding invite caricatures and how they can be made to whatever specifications you have in mind. Get in touch by leaving a comment below, use my contact page, or click on the menu above (this symbol if you’re on mobile) to contact me via text, Whatsapp or Messenger.

The lovely couple in question are Galway-based so I was able to meet them but the process is usually by email! Aine had a pretty firm idea of what she wanted, having researched wedding invitation art on Pinterest. She loved the idea of drawings for the wedding invites, but wanted to up the fun factor with a caricature. They had discussed formats with a printer when I met them but to give them extra flexibility we decided I would give them individual image files for all the elements they wanted included in the wedding invitations. This would make it easier for the printer to move them around before going to print, rather than having one image file where all the elements were already set in place.

The couple had an idea for a circular floral border around their caricatures, and you can see how I incorporated that above. They would add the text with the printer so text elements like the date and venue of the wedding were left out at this stage. Aine and Mossy showed me the places they wanted drawings of for their invitations, including the church they were to be married in and a local pub that was going to be a focal point of the wedding celebrations!

Drawing of Stella Maris Catholic Church, Downings, Co. Donegal, by Allan Cavanagh
Stella Maris Catholic Church, Downings, Co. Donegal. The Donegal church where the nuptials were due to happen!
Drawing of Harbour Bar, Downings, Co. Donegal, by Allan Cavanagh
Harbour Bar, Downings, Co. Donegal where a few refreshments would be served!
Drawing of Rosapenna Pavilion, Sheephaven Bay, Downings, by Allan Cavanagh
This is the Rosapenna Pavilion, Sheephaven Bay, Downings where their wedding reception was to be held, a pretty vital ingredient for wedding invitations!

cartoon banner with birds by Allan Cavanagh
This cartoon banner held aloft by birds either side would eventually have the date of their wedding on it, but was left blank at this stage, again to add flexibility before finalising text, fonts, size and colour with the printer.

Oak tree cartoon drawing by Allan Cavanagh
The oak tree was a final flourish for the wedding invitations and would serve as an aesthetic element to finish off the invites.

Aine left me a lovely review on my Google business page:

Allan did an amazing job on the artwork for our wedding invitations. Very professional and lovely to deal with! I would highly recommend!

If you’d like to chat to me about incorporating caricature art into your wedding invitations just get in touch!


  1. Elaine Conroy

    August 29, 2018 at 12:39 am

    Hi Allan,
    I’m just looking for some info on caricatures for wedding invitations, could you tell me how the process works and the cost?
    Thanks, Elaine.

  2. Allan

    August 29, 2018 at 12:45 am

    Hi Elaine, I’ve just sent you details by email, if you’ve any questions drop me a line!

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