Spam- 85% of all Irish emails.

Allan 8:19 pm

Find out how to easily order a caricature. Click here. For weddings or other events click here. Phone or text me on 0877599249. Thanks for visiting! From RTE: “Spam, or junk mail, now accounts for over 85% of all email traffic in Ireland. The figures […]

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Caricature for Reuters

Allan 1:46 pm

I did a caricature of Annette from Reuters in London as a surprise from her colleagues last week. Below is the caricature: See if you can guess which department in Reuters she worked in! If you’d like to enquire about a caricature gift for a […]

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Sexy Cow!

Allan 1:36 pm

Hope you like the new look blog! Charlie’s Double Vision has a new article. Incidently it’s our 200th article together, I must look for the first one and put it up just out of archival interest!

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