Cllr. Padraig Conneely Cartoon

Padraig Connelly Fine Gael Councillor Keith Finnegan Galway Bay FM presenterLocal publicity junkie and city councillor Padraig Conneely after a rather embarrassing appearance on the Keith Finnegan Show on Galway Bay FM. This was a bit of a hit locally when it was published. You can see more of my cartoons here.

3 thoughts on “Cllr. Padraig Conneely Cartoon”

  1. This guy is quite a joke, but he doesn’t seem to realise it! The cinema in question has been in operation for about two years without any incident. The Gardai are aware of the place as they attended a robbery there last year – they are clearly not concerned. All this cinema has to do it declare itself a private members club and it can continue to operate. Ironically as well as generating publicity for himself, Conneely has probably afforded this cinema more publicity than it has ever received to date. I have no particular view about its operation, but I would not like to see a few moralistic bigots (and generally hypocrites) getting their way. What about all the other areas in Galway where sexual activity takes place, such as the prom in Salthill and Silverstrand? At least the activity in the cinema is contained and people only go there if they want the same thing.

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