Padraig Conneely- Down with this sort of thing!

Padraig Conneely Fine Gael Councillor Keith Finnegan Galway Bay FM presenter
Padraig Conneely is proving a big hit nationally, if the traffic I’ve been getting for his name is anything to go by.
Padraig, all you’ve done is draw attention to this dump and probably increased its clientele. You could very easily have reported it without fanfare to the Guards or the Irish Film Censor, but instead you publicly beat the Conneely drum to maximise publicity for yourself, at the cost of giving this “cinema” national exposure.
Another Conneely coup.

5 thoughts on “Padraig Conneely- Down with this sort of thing!”

  1. Never heard of this cinema before this case arose.
    Thanks for Padraig now hundreds of thouands of people know about it.

  2. I agree with John. Padraig is a provincial worm, a dickhead.
    We all have to move to The Netherlands – the country of freedom. Ireland should be unchained forever.

  3. What a sad day for Galway when a publicity seeking bully like Padraig Coneely is elected Mayor… this ignorant arrogant bully should not even have been elected -he bullied his way into the council at Martin Quinn,s expense in a dispute over one single vote…

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