Double Vision The End

After 27 years of writing, Charlie has called it a day for Double Vision. The column has been part of my life in one way or another since 2003, and since 2018 I had once again been contributing a weekly cartoon for Charlie’s blog version of the column.

“After 27 years (and breaks for emigration and economic collapse) the time has come to say goodbye to Double Vision.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to engage, amuse, annoy and confuse you – my colyoomistas –  over the decades.

Now for reasons personal, professional and political I’m moving on to ventures new.

You will still regularly be subjected to my scribblings, opinions and blathering nonsense, in a fresh style and fashion that will be revealed as soon as I fully recover from this pesky pneumonia.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank the inestimable Allan Cavanagh of Caricatures Ireland for all his excellent illustrations and you, my readers, for your loyalty and taste.

Don’t watch this space – look out for a new one, coming soon…”

There will be a loud echo around the pages of the Connacht Tribune without Charlie and the large cast of supporting characters in it, but all good things and all that. We covered a lot of ground in the last 2 years, from the campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment to Brexit to the plague of Airbnb. All the best Charlie, it’s been a pleasure and looking forward to the next iteration.

The Double Vision Cartoon Archive is here.

The blog archive for Double Vision going back as far as 2007 is here.

3 thoughts on “Double Vision The End”

  1. I really love working with Allan. Over the years we’ve developed a gentle telepathy, and his illustrations nd cartoons are spot on. As i filed ech column Id wnder to myself which line, image or action he;d latch onto to create his own work – it was a real pleasure.

    When it came to designing the logo for my Craft of Writing Course I gave him a detailed brief and he hit the target dead centre. I use it in all my publicity and on every lesson plan with every student. Over th years many have remarked how beautiful and, yes, illustrative it is of what happens on the course.

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