Galway Comedy Carnival: Phill Jupitus in the Kenny Gallery Galway

Galway Comedy Carnival Phill Jupitus Drawing
Phill Jupitus and Allan Cavanagh. Photo by Dean Kelly

Phill Jupitus was in Galway for the Galway Comedy Carnival and spent several mornings in the Kenny Gallery. Phill was putting his own spin on existing works using his iPad and the public was invited to join in. I went up on the last day and took part. It was a lot of fun, Phill creates very accomplished pieces in a short time.

Wherever he’s on tour he accesses galleries and museums for this project. Student radio station Flirt FM had a bit of coup as Phill presented a 3 hour show each day from the campus studio!

Cartoon of Phill Jupitus by Allan Cavanagh
Cartoon of Phill Jupitus by Allan Cavanagh

Above is my finished cartoon of Phill!

Allan Cavanagh and Phill Jupitus
Allan Cavanagh and Phill Jupitus. Photo by Dean Kelly

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