Galway Water Crisis

Galway water crisis 2007 cryptosporidium cartoonMy take on the Galway water crisis. And when global warming kicks in we’ll have plenty of sand to bury our heads in.

“I cringe every time I hear the radio commercial that feebly tries to reassure prospective tourists that Galway is a safe place to visit.
Please come, and we promise not to poison you. We provide bottles of safe water for you to wash your teeth with, so you and your family will have a wonderful holiday.” Double Vision on the water crisis.

And on a related note some Galway citizens are taking a proactive role in questioning exactly what’s being done about the current crisis:

Small turn-out but I believe it was an ad-hoc meeting and the questions asked are very valid. Personally I think this is going to hurt our tourist season badly. I hope to be wrong on that. If you are a potential traveller to Galway reading this, you should know that an alternative water supply will be in place soon, and the only inconvenience to you is having to brush your teeth with bottled or boiled water.
God, it’s like Jaws, only microscopic!
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  1. Hi all.
    Protest going ahead tomorrow. Assemble at City Hall, College road from 6pm. Please text people about this and ask them to pass it on. Also can you copy and paste this and post it as a bulletin yourselves. Its crucial we get large numbers of people at this protest. Thanks

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