St. Anne’s Golf Course Founders Cartoon

In 2021 I was commissioned to draw a cartoon depicting the founders of St. Anne’s Golf Course in North Bull Island, Dublin. The cartoon was published in a history of the golf club marking its centenary year in 2021. It’s a fine book written and edited by Dick O’Riordan, who commissioned the cartoon, and is bursting with photos and history of the club and the area it’s located in.

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The context of the cartoon was the three founders coming up with the idea while out on their boat, the Idle Hours:

“Near the end of the First World War three young friends, Marmaduke Montgomery Devitt, Tussy Murray and Dudley Stuart who enjoyed sailing and fishing from their boat called “Idle Hours” in Dublin Bay, developed an interest in playing the game of golf.” [Club History, St. Anne’s Website]

St Annes Golf Club 100 Centenary Year Book
The front cover of the book.
St Annes Golf Club 100 Centenary Year Book detail
Detail from inside the book featuring my cartoon.

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St. Anne's Golf Course Founders Cartoon

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