Friday Cartoon: The Banshees of Inisherin Brendan Gleeson Colin Farrell Caricature

Banshees of Inisherin Brendan Gleeson Colin Farrell Caricature 800px

I’ve had my eye on Brendan Gleeson to draw for a long time now and never got around to it, but having watched The Banshees of Inisherin I finally committed to it. Often I’m analysing how I would draw somebody while watching a TV show or a film and every time he turned his head … Read more

Paramedic Gifts Ireland – Gifts for Paramedics Ireland 🚑

Paramedic Gifts Ireland Gifts for Paramedics Ireland

Paramedic Gifts Ireland: this was a going away gift for a couple of paramedics who have a fondness for a nice ice-cream cone! They’re wearing national ambulance service uniforms, white shirts and personalised navy and yellow epaullettes. They’re speeding along in their ambulance with the lights flashing, off to save the day! The drawing contains … Read more

Cavan Crystal Hotel Wedding Entertainment

Cavan Crystal Hotel Wedding Entertainment2

Cavan Crystal Hotel Wedding Entertainment: this wedding was my first foray into the Cavan Crystal Hotel and I gotta say, it’s a stunner! I’d stayed in Kildare the night before and boy did I wish I’d stayed here instead when I got there! It’s so bright and spacious, a very modern interior design that’s unexpected … Read more

Moyvalley Hotel Wedding Entertainment

Moyvalley Hotel Wedding Entertainment Caricatures 5

Moyvalley Hotel Wedding Entertainment: Here’s a selection of live wedding caricatures from a drinks reception in the Moyvalley Hotel, Co. Kildare. Setting up ahead of the drinks reception I’m then on site for 2 hours drawing as many guests as I can in rapid succession, with each couple here taking only 4 minutes from sitting … Read more

Christmas Gift Roundup: Black and White Caricatures

Caricatures from photos couple with pet dog black and white

Another busy Christmas season over and I had so many happy recipients of caricature gifts! This is a selection of my black and white caricature work which you can order anywhere in Ireland for just €60 (plus postage). You receive a unique hand-drawn A3 caricature and these caricatures make great gifts for many ocassions including … Read more