Here Be Treasure: My hoard of linky goodness

Photo owned by JasonRogersFooDogGiraffeBee (cc) I’ve just added a widget over there ==> called Here Be Treasure. I’m kind of notorious for posting links on Facebook, but I wanted to be able to share the stuff I find outside of the walled garden, so following Sinead Cochrane’s lead I set up a Tumblr. account. You … Read more Here Be Treasure: My hoard of linky goodness

Save the 2fm 2!

RTE 2fm have instructed Rick O’Shea and Nikki Hayes to drop all non-music items from their shows and simply introduce the songs. Rick’s an acquaintance and fellow blogger, and has built up a huge following through the interplay of his show, his blog, his twittering etc. Now RTE has effectively cut off his tongue, his … Read more Save the 2fm 2!