Friday Cartoon: Dune

Two panel cartoon with characters from Dune. The first panel depicts a desert scence, Paul Atriedes and Stilgar are standing as Stilgar explains to Paul how to walk without rhythm. Second panel shows the backs of their heads, Stilgar whispers, "there goes our greatest warrior". In the distance we see John Cleese as his character from the Ministry of Silly Walks from Monty Python.

Here’s your first Friday cartoon of 2024 featuring the most hotly anticipated sci-fi sequel since Revenge of the Force Returns to the Empire Part II: Live Long and Warp Fast. I honestly loved the first Dune, the unbridled spectacle of sci-fi hasn’t been been that epic in a long time. Hey if you like this … Read more

Caricature of Woman in Ireland Rugby Jersey with Liam MacCarthy Cup and Cavalier King Charles Dogs

Caricature of Woman in Ireland Rugby Jersey with Sam Maguire and

One of my recent caricatures featured this sports-mad lady who’s also a fan of Cavalier King Charles dogs (sure who isn’t!) Also pictured is her polytunnel, and the Liam MacCarthy Cup. In her thought bubble she’s thinking of the Sam Maguire Cup for Mayo! Related Posts: Digital Caricatures from Photos Ireland Woman and Dog Birthday … Read more

Armada Spanish Point Wedding

Brunette woman and blonde woman, both smiling, holding a black and white caricature drawing of themselves, drawn by caricaturist Allan Cavanagh. Corner of image has the text Armada Spanish Point Wedding

I really love attending weddings in Armada Spanish Point. The new purpose-built reception area is a fantastic space that looks right out onto the dramatic landscape of Spanish Point and guests can watch the waves crash as the champagne flows in the cosy environs of the hotel! They’ve got super staff there as well, I’m … Read more

Friday Cartoon – Deconstructing Core Memories

A snowy scene with several families making snowmen. In the foreground is a chef with a small blowtorch melting snow in a bucket. Nearby is a sliced carrot and some pieces of coal are arranged in lines. The caption reads "That snowy day, little Tommy realised he really, really hated deconstructed cuisine."

Just by the skin of my teeth here’s the last Friday Cartoon of 2023. Thanks to everyone who hired me for a wedding or event, or commissioned work this year. I had over 80 weddings and corporate events in 2023, and dozens of commissions, which will slowly appear on this site if they’re not up … Read more