The Illustrated Guide to Brexit – The New York Times

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The Illustrated Guide to Brexit: what a brilliant concept, and brilliantly executed. Great to see the cartoon medium employed in a fresh way that accounts for the limits and possibilities of online articles. Crisp black and white illustrations by on-assignment Christoph Niemann explaining the Brexit mess. Click through and have a look.

The Breakup
A dispatch from Brexit-crazed London.

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NY Times Trashes Cartoonists | Daryl Cagle

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The New York Times is to cease publishing political cartoons from its international edition after previously publishing an antisemitic cartoon to international backlash.

By choosing not to print editorial cartoons in the future, the Times can be sure that their editors will never again make a poor cartoon choice. Editors at the Times have also made poor choices of words in the past. I would suggest that the Times should also choose not to print words in the future –just to be on the safe side. –Daryl Cagle

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