#KnowABackBencher: Richard Boyd Barrett TD for Dún Laoghaire, People Before Profit Alliance

Richard Boyd Barrett: Recent Dáil quote: “My question concerns double standards when it comes to the way Europe deals with the situation faced by Palestinians, and the people of Gaza in particular, in the wake of the recent assault by Israel on Gaza.” Has spoken in 227 committee discussions and Dáil debates in the last … Read more

Nick Clegg Caricature

I was talking to another cartoonist last week about how a lot of editorial cartoonists seem to have difficulty with Nick Clegg. He’s pretty nondescript, it’s the horror of the clean cut politician – there’s nothing really sticks out. We were discussing how you’ll probably see some kind of symbolic stand-in happening, similar to how … Read more

Headline of the week…

Will the PDs be killed by fatal shots from the grassy Noel? Declan Varley’s op-ed in this week’s Galway Advertiser. Galway’s political scene is full of characters, from Mayors promoting porn cinemas, to Crowes who can’t see the wood for the trees, to absent-minded landlords with hairdressing interests who like to sell Ireland’s natural resources … Read more