Birthday Gift Caricature with Family

Family Gift Caricature

This family caricature was a birthday gift from dad to mum from him and the kids! She has an Aston Villa scarf around her shoulders and is surrounded by some of her favourite movies and albums. I’m now taking orders for Christmas and will have limited slots available so if you’re thinking about a caricature … Read more

Friday Cartoon: Christmas Comes at You Fast

Halloween to Christmas comes at you fast Santa Ghost Cartoon 810px

I’m a bit late with this as it’s now the 17th but it really is seasonal whiplash isn’t it? From Scary to Carey (Mariah) on the stroke of midnight. Now that’s terrifying. Related Posts: Optimus Prime Cartoon Thanos and Indiana Jones Banshees of Inisherin Fire Brigade Cartoon Want to order a caricature? Click here. Want … Read more

Sligo Park Hotel Wedding Entertainment Caricature Artist

Sligo Park Hotel Wedding Entertainment Allan Cavanagh (5)

Here’s a selection of live wedding caricatures from a wedding in Sligo at the weekend! Wedding season went late this year, I had 3 weddings in different venues from Friday to Sunday. I’m not complaining, I love what I do! Related Posts: Poulaphouca House & Falls Wedding Entertainment Ballymagarvey Village Wedding Caricaturist Live Wedding Caricatures … Read more

ESB Retirement/New Job Caricature Gifts


This is a series of caricatures I did for various ESB staff who were either retiring or moving on to new positions elsewhere. I drew a lot of wires with these ones! I had to be very specific too with certain equipment that corresponded with the subjects’ areas of expertise. There are also several items and background details placed in the caricatures that have particular relevance to each of the subjects, such as Singapore landmarks and particular ESB vans. Each caricature was framed and delivered by courier. Great fun and I look forward to drawing more next year!

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