Birthday Portrait

Allan 3:13 pm

Birthday pencil portrait drawing twins by Allan CavanaghRecently finished pencil drawing for a birthday present, worked up to A2 size from an old photo of the subjects from when they were children (without revealing ages I believe it was circa 1970s!).
I forget sometimes being so reliant on inks that pencil itself is a beautiful medium, especially when you’re working with a good range- I use B, 2B, 5B and 8B, starting with the hardest and working up to the softest, which corresponds with the darkest areas of the portrait. You need to be very careful when working with soft pencils as they smudge so easily.

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Galway Water Crisis Update

Allan 5:59 pm

Find out how to easily order a caricature. Click here. For weddings or other events click here. Phone or text me on 0877599249. Thanks for visiting!Via Galway Water Crisis: PETITION The petition, which now has over 2,000 signatures, is now available at several places in […]

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Mayor’s Ball tonight!

Allan 4:29 pm

I’ll have some photos up next week from the Mayor’s Ball in the Galway Bay Hotel, which is happening this evening. It promises to be a fun evening and raises thousands of euro for various charities every year. It’s a slightly different event this year, […]

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