Galway Water Crisis Protest

Allan 10:38 pm

Galway Water Crisis CartoonFollowing on from my last post, The Looking Glass has asked me to post on a protest that’s happening over the water fiasco:

“Protest going ahead Monday 23 April. Assemble at City Hall, College road from 6pm. Please text people about this and ask them to pass it on. Also can you copy and paste this and post it as a bulletin yourselves. Its crucial we get large numbers of people at this protest. Thanks”

See you there and bring your own water!

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Allan 1:37 am

Jessica Hagy Indexed
You may very well have come across these before (I know I did somewhere) but I’ve just rediscovered the comic brilliance of Jessica Hagy on Indexed.

Sometimes there is an inverse correlation between how funny your gag is and the number of lines needed to illustrate it.
Jessica uses very few lines.

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Fox News and a shred of human decency

Allan 9:10 pm

Find out how to easily order a caricature. Click here. For weddings or other events click here. Phone or text me on 0877599249. Thanks for visiting!As in, it doesn’t have one: This came the day after Kurt Vonnegut died. I actually feel a little ill.

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