Caricature of Stan Shields

Allan 10:22 pm

Here’s a caricature I completed last week of Stan Shields, staff photographer with the Connacht Tribune, for his retirement. Stan’s photographed everyone in Galway and most of the West so it was nice to get a crack at him! It’s in it’s frame below (sitting […]

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50th birthday caricature

Allan 3:37 pm

This caricature was for a fiftieth birthday party last weekend. Caricatures are ideal presents for birthdays as they’re totally unique and can incorporate so much of the subject’s personality and interests. If you’d like to enquire about a caricature for a birthday or other event, […]

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70th Birthday Present

Allan 3:14 pm

Here’s a caricature I did last week for a 70th birthday present. It’s a photo rather than a scan so there’s a bit of shadow on it at the top there. I had fun researching the tractor, I used to know a lot of tractors […]

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Allan 12:00 am