George Lee- It’s my ball and I’m going home. #glee

George Lee has resigned from Fine Gael and has resigned his seat in the Dáil for the most petulant, self-indulgent reasons. Quitting the party is one thing, but to resign the seat after 9 months spits in the eye of the Dublin South electorate. I’d be surprised if there’s more than a 40% turn out in the inevitable by-election to come.
Quitting a Dáil seat in frustration at not being able to change things in 9 months is a complete contradiction in terms and a copout that Sarah Palin would be proud of.

9 thoughts on “George Lee- It’s my ball and I’m going home. #glee”

  1. If he was disgusted with Fine Gael he could have resigned the party whip. Resigning his seat sends a whole other message – mostly, to the people who elected him.

  2. How long do you give it before he starts on the self help talk show circuit with “How I recovered from self-destrutive pathological attention seeking”, so that he can help others with the same illness.

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