Friday Cartoon – Shop Local or Bezos Gets it!

jeff bezos amazon cartoon santa

Here’s a timely reminder to shop from local suppliers if you can, we tend not to be billionaires and Bezos will hardly miss you! This week’s cartoon is from the archives. Related Posts: Friday Cartoon: Christmas Comes at You Fast Friday Cartoon: The Cab. (Transformers cartoon) St. Anne’s Golf Course Founders Cartoon Friday Cartoon: Trump’s … Read more

Bolsonaro Amazon Rainforest Fires

bolsonaro amazon fires brazil 710px

Bolsonaro and the Amazon rainforest fires. Trump might have nukes but Bolsonaro has the lungs of the planet. 20% of our oxygen comes from the rainforest. Look at your kids. This is the world we’re going to leave them, a burnt out polluted husk, immolated in the name of capitalism. I don’t think I’ve ever … Read more