Open Meeting on Creative Ireland, Mick Lally Theatre Galway, Friday 7th April @ 12.30pm

Still from Star of the Sea by Cartoon Saloon

There will be an open meeting this Friday on the government initiative promoting cultural activity in Ireland in the Mick Lally Theatre at 12.30pm. RSVP to c& or ring 091 536 406. The Creative Ireland Programme is an invitation to the entire country to get involved in something truly inspirational. At its heart is collaboration … Read more

If you live in the UK and care about the Arts for kids, read this.

Photo owned by egarc2 (cc) Paddy Brown has a great post up describing the lunacy of New Labour’s Independent Safeguarding Authority, which demonises anyone working in schools or with kids and assumes that everyone is a slavering paedophile unless they’re on the ISA’s list of approved (paying) people. Philip Pullman recently vowed never to visit … Read more

Let me be your volunteer : Alexia Golez

Photo owned by Findsiddiqui (cc) Alexia is looking to volunteer her mad skillz to a lucky community or arts group: “So this Autumn, I’m interested in helping out an arts or community group that needs a hand, web-wise. This could be a feedback on plans for a new site, helping them with strategy or working … Read more