Friday Cartoon: Prehistoric Attitudes? Tetrapod Cartoon

Tetrapod cartoon, two tetrapods, podcasting

I was listening to the latest In Our Time podcast yesterday where Melvyn Bragg and guests were discussing the fish-tetrapod transition and it occurred to me I was listening to a tetrapodcast. More Cartoons: “What’s Saur This Then” Cartoon Parasaurolophus How do we know T-Rexes didn’t do this? The Date Happy Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday Titanic … Read more

The Rolling Stones, with added Dad!

Rolling Stones Caricature Allan Cavanagh Caricatures

This was a birthday gift commission of the chap in the blue t-shirt pictured with his favourite band, The Rolling Stones! At this stage the Rolling Stones have such lived in faces they are a caricature artist’s dream. This was commissioned before Charlie Watts passed away and I finished it just shortly afterwards so that was a bit bitter-sweet.
Included in this caricature is The Jolly Boys Outing poster from Only Fools and Horses as the birthday boy is a fan of the show. He’s holding his favourite beer and his t-shirt has a little nod to Dublin’s iconic Poolbeg Chimneys (I draw them so frequently they’re clearly a massive part of the Dublin psyche and on those grounds alone they should be preserved).
I really enjoyed drawing this piece and it went down really well with the subject:
“The caricature arrived in time. Dad is over the moon with it. I love it and my Mam thinks it’s great. Dad is thrilled. It really made his birthday.
Thank you so very much.”
Below is the framed piece just before shipping. All my framed pieces are professionally packaged by Carabay Packaging here in Galway and shipped via DPD.
framed rolling stones caricature

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Friday Cartoon: Godzilla Vs. Kong

godzilla v king kong batman v superman martha mothra cartoon

GODZILLA VS. KONG: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?? Related Posts: Eddie Izzardhands Drawing The Banshees of Inisherin I coulda been somebody, I coulda been a contenda Wet Ass Lighthouse Keepers See more of my stuff at the bottom of this post! Watched Godzilla Vs. Kong last weekend. It was terrible. I loved it. Nothing … Read more