2019 Caricature Gift Roundup

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Caricature gifts from 2019: I was incredibly busy in the run up to Christmas with a selection of commissions for wedding anniversaries, retirements, birthday presents, and of course Christmas presents! I usually try to blog each commission after it’s been presented to the subject but I have such a backlog of caricature work to show … Read more

If Facebook is Your Primary Platform , You’re Making a Huge Mistake

dont rely on social media

I’ve seen so many social media posts across various platforms recently about deleted content (usually to do with nudity or exposed nipples. Pathetic). It’s not a new problem but for many it’s their first time encountering it: if you don’t own the platform you’re showcasing on, the decision of what happens your content there is … Read more

Brian Cowen’s LinkedIn Profile Pic is a Photo of a Framed Photo Taken on an iPad You Can See Reflected in the Glass

Brian Cowen Linkedin Photo
You read that right. The Brian Cowen LinkedIn profile avatar is a photo of a framed photo taken on an iPad you can see reflected in the glass. This elicits so many questions. Did he take it himself? Was he too tight to pay for a professional photo and just snapped a photo of a photo of himself at someone’s Communion? Didn’t he used to run the country? Is it some meta-commentary on the fractured nature of modern identity? Do they not issue scanners to former taoisigh? Does he not have Google? Could his Garda bodyguard not have taken one for him? Is that him you can see reflected in the glass as well? Did he not want a LinkedIn but someone told him he had to get one so he’s playing up by doing it badly?