Wedding Signing Boards Ireland Part 2

Wedding Signing Boards, caricatures of brides and grooms by Caricature Artist Allan Cavanagh

Here’s the second part of my recent roundup of 2019 wedding caricature signing boards. You can see the first part here. As you can see in the featured image above there’s 2 options: A3 colour caricature art mounted on A1 board, or 40x60cm canvas print on a wooden stretcher. Both options can be displayed during … Read more

2019 Caricature Gift Roundup

caricature gift ideas ireland allan cavanagh

Caricature gifts from 2019: I was incredibly busy in the run up to Christmas with a selection of commissions for wedding anniversaries, retirements, birthday presents, and of course Christmas presents! I usually try to blog each commission after it’s been presented to the subject but I have such a backlog of caricature work to show … Read more

Australia, New York, and Westport!

unusual wedding gifts ireland

Unusual Wedding Gifts Ireland: this was a great piece to work on as it went through a few different iterations before the final framed caricature gift. The first stage was producing a caricature of the couple that could be printed on t-shirts for the bride-to-be’s hen night. For this one the client wanted the couple … Read more

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Your mañana culture has been good for me!

stood up cartoon

Stood up cartoon from Charlie’s column from a couple of weeks ago (a little late posting it here!)

During teenage Summers, I’d hitch all over Europe. At 19 I hitched to Israel and then ventured further afield, hitching in New Zealand and Australia in my 20s

Charlie talks about hitchhiking around the world and being stood up at a meeting through the frame of Galway’s incredibly laid back attitude to time-keeping. These were my cues for this visual metaphor of these two aspects of the column. I like how they turned out, there’s something satisfyingly creepy about how you can entirely swap out a human head and replace it with another part of the body (like an ear or a hand!) and it will still “read” as a person, even with a personality!
It’s fascinating to read about Charlie’s thumb-powered travels in the column (and they’re featured in quite a few previous cartoons, that blue bag is almost an old friend!). The man has quite a portion of the globe ground under his shoe leather, but Galway was the place that snagged him, much like myself. I knew the first day I stepped off the bus, looking for accommodation for college with a friend from Donegal, that this was a city my feet were going to sink into. And a few of those pubs too…
More Double Vision cartoons here.

stood up cartoon
stood up cartoon

Australia to Cork Wedding!

Ireland Australia Wedding Guestbook
Ireland Australia Wedding Guestbook: this couple got married in Cork last year, having come all the way from Sydney!