Get your b*ll*ck-naked T*oiseach t-sh*rt

Cian at Irish Election has made my caricature into this year’s sartorial musthave. I’ve asked for proceeds to go to the Rape Crisis Network Ireland. UPDATE: Spreadshirt won’t print the tees any more so we’re going to find another printer had some legal issues and it’s all hunky dorey again.

The Taoiseach has no clothes and RTE has no balls: the Brian Cowen Nude Caricature

(No taoisigh were harmed in the making of this image. You may experience some nausea yourself though, for which I apologise, but this is about principle, freedom of speech, and news staying news.) UPDATE: We’re going to have an exhibition! Tonight RTE News issued an apology for reporting news. This will not stand. You may … Read more

I’d like to dedicate this to Nicola, Richard, Richie, Seamus, Hazel…

We had a bit of craic on the Facebook group this week: “Fans of 2FM presenters Rick O’Shea and Nikki Hayes have this week turned the tables on 2FM over format changes to the shows. All this week fans, or Ricktivists, have been inundating 2FM shows with requests for Britney Spears’ Trouble and dedicating them … Read more