Disney Fan Artist and Guitar Player with Tipperary and Waterford GAA Jerseys

Disney Fan Artist Guitar Player Tipperary Waterford GAA Gift Caricature

Caricature commission of a Disney Fan Artist and Guitar Player wearing Tipperary and Waterford GAA Jerseys. This recent caricature drawing was based on a couple of GAA fans who also like Disney and playing guitar as you can see! This is an example of my digital caricature option delivered straight into your inbox that you … Read more

Going Away Gift Caricature

going away gift ideas ireland allan cavanagh caricatures

This caricature was a going away gift for a couple who were very active in their community. They’re surrounded by significant items from their lives such as the Foroige folder, the name of their local community centre, and in the background the playground they were involved in developing. They’re wearing the colours of their favourite teams, with a half-Offaly and half-Liverpool t-shirt on him and a Waterford GAA t-shirt on her. Their cat makes a guest appearance too! I’ve included a nod to David Bowie which you can spot to the right of the cat. Also pictured are references to beauty therapy and furniture restoration.

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Timelapse of Wedding Caricatures being Drawn by Me!

Laughing couple with caricature by Irish artist Allan Cavanagh, Woodlands Hotel, Waterford

Here’s a timelapse video of me drawing a couple at a wedding in the Woodlands Hotel Waterford on New Year’s Eve. It’s about 5 minutes in real time. Some day I’ll draw this fast!

I told you it was a dangerous job: Gardai arrest 7 in cartoonist murder plot

(My take on the Jyllands-Posten controversy, from back in the days when I used excessive labelling in my cartoons). Gardaí have arrested five people in Waterford and two others in Cork in connection with an investigation into a conspiracy to murder a Swedish cartoonist. The cartoonist, Lars Vilks, has been threatened over his drawing depicting … Read more