Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Can You Name My Mystery Village?

freebase kevin motorbike cartoon

Cartoon featuring one of Charlie’s literary inventions, Freebase Kevin, delivering a folder full of memories and writing to him for a recent column over at Double Vision: “They say a writer should never throw any work away, but I’ve been scribbling my whole life, so ancient stuff gets whittled down, with a little ending up … Read more

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – It’s a Privilege to Love Your Work!

boris johnson arlene foster brexit self employed

A cartoon from Charlie’s column about the perils of Brexit for the self-employed: He’s touched a nerve. A nerve that’s been going into spasm recently. If I was the owner of a manufacturing business, the minister’s advice might be relevant. Yet as a self-employed entity, the last thing I need is to hear more of … Read more

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Northern Ireland Messes Me Up!

arlene foster psychic healer

“Wandering the late evening Enniskillen streets, I see that Arlene Foster’s imposing constituency office is next door to a psychic healer. A bit of DUP and then you need some Reiki” Still catching up with posting my Double Vision cartoons backlog, here’s an Arlene Foster cartoon from a few weeks ago when ar wee Charlie … Read more


horse racing betting gambling cartoon

Betting cartoon from Charlie’s Galway Races column a few weeks ago: “A fiver on the nose, which to me then felt like betting €25 to win today. A decidedly decent bet, which looked prettier when the nap proved the tipster’s inside knowledge.” Click on over for the rest of Charlie’s betting tips! Let me tell … Read more

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Galway Film Fleadh Makes Me Movie Mad!

cartoon film strip On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront film still featuring Rod Steiger but with Marlon Brando replaced by our heroic scribe Charlie Adley. This cartoon illustrated Charlie’s weekly column in July where inspired by Galway Film Fleadh Charlie lists his favourite films, including On the Waterfront: “Let’s start in 1954 with Elia Kazan’s ‘On the Waterfront.’ Forget petulant Johnny … Read more