griffins bakery closing galway

Griffin’s Bakery on Shop St, Galway, which was opened in 1876, has unfortunately closed, and yet another cultural and business synapse of this city has been extinguished. The cartoon above depicts the front window of Griffins Bakery in what has become the regular fate of high street, family-run businesses in Irish cities. Charlie wrote about … Read more

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – What Comes After Mental and Physical Health?

panic attack cartoon

Panic attack cartoon from Charlie’s column. As someone who used to regularly suffer from panic attacks (and still has the odd one) I really identified with this one. “Two days ago, mentally and emotionally ready and eager to go to London, I zipped up my suitcase. Two hours later my entire body started to shake, … Read more

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Autumn’s fading glory brings rebirth

chopping tree midges

“My life here has improved immeasurably since the landlord cut back the huge laurel that stood at the end of the cottage. Millions of midges disappeared from my immediate environment, leaving only the other gazillion trillion who live around the trees.” Cartoon from a recent article by Charlie. More Double Vision cartoons here.

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Don’t Try to Control My Imagination!

boris johnson naked blue passport cartoon

Boris Johnson in his lovely underpants with his beloved blue passport from this recent cartoon for Charlie’s column: “Those of a rightist bent are drawn to populist charismatics, like Johnson, Trump, Le Pen and countless others handed power on fictional manifestos, because people want to believe in impossible future glories.” Don’t think of a pink … Read more