Charlie Adley’s Double Vision: Peace and Goodwill to all?

Oh, yes please! This cartoon of course refers to the famous amnesty that occurred between British and German forces in World War One, during Christmas 1914. I didn’t actually photoreference it at the time (apart from the guns) as the figures are in the background, but this image, via Wikipedia, makes me think I captured … Read more

Salthill Warshow, I mean Airshow… New Double Vision Up…

Charlie’s latest article is up on Double Vision, and you can also see it in the Connacht Tribune.

At the moment the “Thunderbirds” are buzzing my house with repeated flyovers, obviously practicing for the weekend. The noise is unbearable.
I’m after having a look at the BBC website and saw this report:

“Last night, around 01:30, Nato forces bombed the village… as a result of the bombing 25 people were killed. They included women, three babies between 6 to 10 months one, one mullah of a mosque and other elders.”

Well, enjoy the show. Keep your kids close.