Electric Picnic 2007 Caricatures!

Allan 1:29 pm

Find out how to easily order a caricature. Click here. For weddings or other events click here. Phone or text me on 0877599249. Thanks for visiting! Click here for more caricatures from the weekend! What a weekend! Southern Comfort had me entertaining the festival go-ers […]

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Irish Blogs New Look

Allan 12:00 pm

I’m liking Irish Blog‘s new look. I especially like the grouping of related posts. That should give newer blogs a chance to get a bit of vicarious coverage from appearing next to some of the more established ones.

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Antony Gormley’s Sculpture for Dublin

Allan 2:41 pm

While I’m a huge fan of Antony Gormley and in particular Angel of the North I’m not convinced that the scale of his proposed work for Dublin’s docklands is entirely appropriate. A human form of that scale in such a tight urban setting actually dimishes […]

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