Shoutout to Alankar Musical Group, Plagiarists

alankar musical group
I found an old caricature of Roy Keane being used by Alankar Musical Group on their website. They were pretending it was one of theirs. The Barack Obama isn’t theirs either. Both deleted now but if you’re thinking of hiring Alankar Musical Group of B-93 Nandpuri Colony, Sodala Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019, India, I’d avoid them as they’re plagiarists. Hire someone who can actually do what they claim to do.

The Plagiarist’s Guide to Email Exchanges

London cartoonist Jamie Smart illustrates his recent email exchange with a company ripping off one of his designs. There’s certain defining characteristics in these interactions, such as the plagiarist claiming to do you a favour by giving you exposure, or as I recently had myself, The Phantom Technician. (Click the image above for the full … Read more

The curious case of the stolen avatar, and how sometimes the internet has your back.

A couple of weeks ago I was playing around with Google image search, with which you can drag and drop an image and Google will return a similar images results page. I dropped my old Twitter avatar (see below) into search, and there I was, with a different coloured background, on someone else’s website. Curious, I clicked the link, and found this:
Johnny Cotter, Kent.

Paperchastened: Company uses lifted artwork in products

(UPDATE: the design studio in question is Gather No Moss). Spare a thought for Hidden Eloise, a UK based artist who’s currently in dispute with Paperchase over one of their designs. Paperchase are selling tote bags and books that feature an element that’s clearly traced from one of Eloise’s paintings. I think it’s a bit … Read more